Writer @ The Progressive Architect (2024 - now) Link to heading

The Progressive Architect focuses on how leaders and architects in the technology field should address friction points, delivery overhead, minimize waste, provide optimal abstractions and help teams to operate autonomously — ranging from large enterprises to start-ups.

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Cloud Consultant @ Xebia Cloud (2022 - now) Link to heading

Part of Xebia Cloud organizes your cloud journey, develops cloud native solutions, trains your teams, and provides managed cloud services. As cloud consultant, I help customers in different industries bring their applications to the cloud, specifically focussing on Google Cloud Platform.

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Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Software Architect @ Ultimaker (2017 - 2021) Link to heading

Ultimaker’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to local manufacturing and digital distribution. As software architect I work with several teams on designing and delivering cloud-based products and overarching topics like authentication, security & privacy, and cloud-native.

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Ultimaker Cloud: Achieve more together using Teams

Co-founder & CTO @ Printr (2014 - 2017) Link to heading

At Printr we built tools to enable everyone to be creative with 3D printing by taking away the technical barriers of 3D printing. Printr was a participant in the Startupbootcamp E&M-commerce Program of 2014, after which it closed a funding round of €750.000.

Creative Technology @ University of Twente (2011 - 2016) Link to heading

In 2009, the University of Twente started a completely new bachelor’s programme: Creative Technology. A mix of computer science, electrical engineering, industrial design and entrepreneurship prepares students for a career as t-shaped professionals.